Sloper Lasers RL-200 Series

High-Accuracy, High Value Slope Lasers
  • Current grade
  • Masking: Electronic shutter up to 3 quadrants
  • Selectable rotation speed: 300/600/900 rpm
  • Selectable remote channel: up to 9 channels
  • Sensitivity selector
  • HI alert: indicates when laser has been disturbed
  • HI aleart sensor
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Model RL-200 1S RL-200 2S
Laser RL-200 1S
Detector LS-80L with Holder 6
Battery Rechargeable Kit
Dry Kit
Remote Control RC-400
  • 7 Arc second accuracy
  • Wide grade range (up
    to 25% slope) without
    slope blocks
  • Up to 100 hours
    battery life
  • Range up to 1100 m
  • Full function remote
    (RL-200 2S)

RL-200 Series

Topcon’s RL-200 Series revolutionary encoding system provides the highest
grade repeatability, 7 arc seconds, of any other laser. No one even comes close.
Setup after setup, time after time, you’re always right on grade.
Choose from two models, RL-200 1S single slope, or RL-200 2S dual slope. The
RL-200 1S provides single slopes from -5% up to +25%. The RL-200 2S provides
dual slopes up to ±10% in the X axis, or up to an industry leading -5 to +25% in
the Y axis.

Control the RL-200 2S – remotely

When the RL-200 2S is operating, the RC-400 displays all operating information
up to 300 m away. Change grade, select menu settings, check operational status,
even verify battery life, all without touching the laser