Multi-functional 3D Laser Scanner GLS-2200

Complete Solution
  • Full dome field-of-view (FOV)
  • World’s first – direct height measurement
  • Surveyor-style backsight orientation
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System Performance
Maximum range at specified reflectivity
Standard Mode 350m at 90%
High Speed Mode 210m at 90%
Low Power Mode 210m at 90%
Single Point Accuracy
Distance 3.5mm (1-150m), 1sigma
Angle 6”
Dual Axis Compensator
Resolution 1”
Accuracy 4”
Range -/+ 6’
Target Deftection Accuracy 3” at 50m
Laser Scanning System
Type Pulsed Precise Scan Technology
Laser Class 3R (High Speed / Standard)

1M (Low Power)

Scan Density (Resolution)
Spot Size <11.2mm(1-150m, FWHM)
Maximum Sample Density 3mm at 10m
Field of view (per scan) Horizontal: 360º

Vertical: 270º

Color Digital Imaging 5M pixel, Dual (170°/8.9°)
Scanning Control
Control System On-board
Display VGA Color Touch Display
Keyboard 3 Key
Data Storage SD Card
Operation Temperture -5ºC to 45ºC
Storage Temperture -20ºC to 60ºC
Dust/Humidity IP54
Dimensions 152 x 293 x 412mm
Weight 11kg
Keyboard 21 keys


Capture reality on your terms

The GLS-2200 scanners consist of three comparable yet
distinct models: the GLS-2200S (short-range), GLS-2200M
(medium-range), and GLS-2200L (long-range). Each model
is a full-featured scanner that can be effectively deployed
to capture existing, as-built conditions based on the
measurement range requirements of the application. The
innovative capabilities of the GLS-2200 combined with its
rugged field design, provide users with a purposeful solution
that will stand up to the most extreme work environments.

Versatile and adaptable

The GLS-2200 offers quick, simple and effective ways
of capturing 3D point cloud data at high speed without
sacrificing the accuracy desired by today’s demanding
professionals. With one-button to start scanning, on-board
enabled occupation, and backsight orientation features,
along with MAGNET®
Collage software – the GLS-2200
portfolio provides a solution suited to any industry professional
wanting the most value from their scanning investment.

Dual cameras – wide-angle and zoom

Equipped with dual 5 megapixel cameras, including a 170°
wide-angle camera that obtains images at high speed and
an 8.9° telephoto camera that is coaxial with the measuring
axis, the GLS-2200 is ready to capture every detail.

Precise Scan Technology II

With three times faster (time-of-flight) pulse signals than
previous GLS models, the GLS-2200 produces a clear
signal waveform for more precise signal processing.
Employing an ultra-high-speed ADC (analog-digital
converter) along with a direct sampling technique, Precise
Scan Technology II enables signal extraction resulting in
reduced noise and high-accuracy data.

Dynamic Digital Workflows

MAGNET Collage and
MAGNET Collage Web

A powerful, yet simple way to process and combine mass
data sets in one software environment, MAGNET Collage
makes it easy to manage your point cloud data. MAGNET
Collage Web is a web service for sharing and collaborating
with 3D point clouds.

point cloud data

After field work is complete, MAGNET Collage supports
importing, viewing, and cleaning of collected point cloud data
– providing multiple tools for registering, then geo-referencing
scans to survey control.

Export to industry

Exporting clouds or objects to third-party design and
analysis applications is simple. Topcon offers seamless
workflows with third-party software.


Tools for creating and editing objects such as polylines,
meshes, edges, and planes are easily accessed. The region
selection tool is especially useful for isolating surfaces such
as roadways and building walls, floors, and ceiling